A Visual Poet

An alternative to 20 questions

Two passions fuel my life and inspire me to harness my skills and creativity; motherhood and photography. I am blessed with a fiercely independent daughter, Piper; a tender-hearted stepson, Tobias; and a son who is a pure source of joy, Bruce. My journey with photography and my husband began simultaneously during my high school years. In 2023, I fully embraced my passion and transitioned to a full-time professional photographer.


Fact 1

I have a 10ft varigated Golden Pothos plant named Frank Sinatra.


Fact 2

I love oat milk butter rum lattes.


Fact 3

My favorite color is Grand Canyon orange.


Fact 4

I’m also a singer/songwriter.

My mission is to capture authentic moments with genuine people, transforming those fleeting moments into lasting memories.

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Amazing patience, communication and professional service! Had engagement photos done and was given photos within 48 hours of the session. Edits are amazing, and if you need something fixed she will do it or at least try! Very happy with my results.